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Barbering/ Styling

In person or Hybrid The barber program is a sequence of courses that prepare students for careers in the field of barbering. The Barbering trend is exploding!  More and more further barbers are searching for affordable hands onschools where they launch their barber careers, Florida Student Cosmetolgy School you will be taught a classic taper cut, fade styles, precision haircuts, color, texture, shaving and grooming, skincare, plus professional business skills you’ll need to build a career.

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Cosmetologist are in high demand cosmetology students are taught the latest trends in hair cutting, coloring, hair extensions, braiding, hair straightening, to eyebrow arching, waxing and facial, manicuring, we go beyond the basics. Our curriculum is designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of the beauty business with understanding to be a manager or Salon owner. Florida Student Cosmetogy School students will have a complete understanding of the beauty and wellness business.

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Facial Specialist

Facial specials are in high demand Florida Student Cosmetogy School have you covered as an aesthetician in Florida. To receive a license as a facial specialist you must be 16 years or older you will study skin analysis, make up artistry, exfoliating, the science of products and ingredients, business and career skills and planning and more.The combination of classwork and hands-on training will prepare you for a career as an aesthetician facial specialist.

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Nail specialist

Transforming into a nail specialist influencer means mastering the art of bringing out an individual’s unique personality through expertly crafted nail designs, colors, and lengths. The Florida Student Cosmetology School boasts one of the most extensive nail programs on the Treasure Coast, covering manicures, pedicures, artificial nail enhancements, and diverse forms of nail art.

To thrive as a nail specialist in Florida, aspiring individuals should meet certain requirements. The journey begins at the age of 16, followed by the completion of 180 to 240 hours in the comprehensive nail specialist program. Success is sealed by passing the final exam, marking the initiation of a rewarding career in the vibrant world of nail care and design.